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International Journal of Applied Linguistics. Nonetheless this attrition has mostly affected dialectal variation in grammar and vocabulary, and in fact, only 3 percent of the English population actually speak RP, the remainder speaking regional accents and dialects with varying degrees of RP influence. Orthographically the possessive -s is separated from the noun root with an apostrophe. To whose house did you go last night? Auxiliary verbs such as have and be are paired with verbs in the infinitive, past, or progressive forms. Many speakers of English in Africa have become part of an "Afro-Saxon" language community that unites Africans from different countries. Only the personal pronouns retain morphological case more strongly than any other word class. Furthermore, several consonants have limited distributions: /h/ can only occur in syllable-initial position, and / only in syllable-final position. Archaeology and Language: Correlating Archaeological and Linguistic Hypotheses. There are more people who have learned it as a second language than there are native speakers.

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, in the phrase I think (that) you are lying, the main clause is headed by the verb think, the subject is I, but the object of the phrase is the subordinate clause (that) you are lying. Southeast Asia Main articles: Philippine English and Singapore English The first significant exposure of the Philippines to the English language occurred in 1762 when the British occupied Manila during the Seven Years' War, but this was a brief episode that had no lasting influence. There is some variation among speakers regarding which adjectives use inflected or periphrastic comparison, and some studies have shown a tendency for the periphrastic forms to become more common at the expense of the inflected form. Anaphorical pronouns such as that refer back to an entity already mentioned or assumed by the speaker to be known by the audience, for example in the sentence I already told you that. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language (2nd.). England continued to form new colonies, and these later developed their own norms for speech and writing. There are words which appear on the surface to mean exactly the same thing but which, in fact, have slightly different shades of meaning and must be chosen appropriately if a speaker wants to convey precisely the message intended. The vowel / only occurs in unstressed syllables and is more open in quality in stem-final positions. In Lanehart, Sonja. Fortis stops such as /p/ have additional articulatory or acoustic features in most dialects: they are aspirated p when they occur alone at the beginning of a stressed syllable, often unaspirated in other cases, and often unreleased. Jena, Germany: Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. The subordinating conjunction that shows that the clause that follows is a subordinate clause, but it is often omitted.

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For example, in the phrase the woman walked quickly the adverb quickly derived from the adjective quick describes the woman's way of walking. Nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and verbs had many more inflectional endings and forms, and word order was much freer than in Modern English. 247 In Ireland, various forms of English have been spoken since the Norman invasions of the 11th century. While the European Union (EU) allows member states to designate any of the national languages as an official language of the Union, in practice English is the main working language of EU organisations. Having been the centre of Danish occupation during the Viking Invasions, Northern English dialects, particularly the Yorkshire dialect, retain Norse features not found in other English varieties. Retrieved b Romaine 1999,. . In cases where the topic is not the grammatical subject of the sentence, frequently the topic is promoted to subject position through syntactic means. While few scholars agree with Chomsky and Halle (1968) that conventional English orthography is "near-optimal there is a rationale for current English spelling patterns. In these countries, although English is not used for government business, its widespread use puts them at the boundary between the "outer circle" and "expanding circle". As a result, some " long vowels " are often indicated by combinations of letters (like the oa in boat, the ow in how, and the ay in stay or the historically based silent e (as in note and cake ). Other adjectives have comparatives formed by periphrastic constructions, with the adverb more marking the comparative, and most marking the superlative: happier or more happy, the happiest or most happy. Sometimes Indian English speakers may also use spelling based pronunciations where the silent h found in words such as ghost is pronounced as an Indian voiced aspirated stop. It can take longer for school pupils to become independently fluent readers of English than of many other languages, including Italian, Spanish, and German. 103 Use of English is growing country-by-country internally and for international communication. "Chapter 3: Phonology and Morphology".

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